Contribution to my community

As part of my main goal as a professional, it is in my plan to contribute to my community, in other words, to make my industry grow one more step in the technical area.

This is why, as soon as I had the opportunity to go back to my country (Peru) in vacations, I was actively helping a local university to:

  • Improve their study plan.
  • Bring new knowledge and experience earned in my Masters Degree.
  • Be the first time to teach Game Engine Architecture to Computer Science students.

In addition, I was giving free talks and workshops about Game Engine Architecture to people who does not have financial resources, working with the help and collaboration of:

  • Maker Lab Peru
  • Lab San Isidro

Below you can take a look at some pictures of my labor, and a video the university made for their marketing department.


UPC – Game Engine Architecture course for the first time


Maker Lab

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Lab San Isidro

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Previous Work

Graphics Programming Collection (Advanced)

Next work

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